[Jimmyscarves!] SKYFALL (RAYA EDITION)wideshawl


🥀Material :
🍃Body - Korean Chiffon
🍃Awning - Soft Cotton (double stitched)


🥀Wide Shawl
🍃Free size - 2.1m x 0.75m (+/-)

🥀Price :
🍃Pre-Order (until 7hb Mei 2019) RM75
🍃Normal Price :RM79

🥀Specifications :
🍃- Soft material korean chiffon
🍃- Inner attached (instant)
🍃- Totally opaque and breathable
🍃- Comes with box
🍃- Can be adjustable 
🍃- Metal tag attached
🍃- Jimmyscarves watermark 
🍃- Awning edge is sewn using double stitched method (easy to shape)
🍃- Comes with 6 Jimmyscarves custom skyfall designs

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