[Jimmyscarves]New Blooming Series💐 BAWAL INSTANT (ada inner leher)

☝️😊💐New Blooming Series💐

💐Material :
🍀Body-Soft Pearl Satin
🍀Awning - Scuba (jahit tulang)

💐Measurement :
🍀Bidang : 50’ (+/-)
🍀Front : 24inch (+/-)
🍀Back : 37inch (+/-)
🍀Face : 10.5inch (+/-)

💐Price :RM79 exc postage

Specifications :
💐Flowy and breathable
💐Adjustable to any bawal style
💐Jimmyscarves crystal for adornment at the back
💐Come with two version Instant and basic
💐Awning easy to shape with double stitched method
💐5 pastel colors available

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